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Are you a busy professional who knows you should have a best-selling book to help establish your expertise and credibility?  Best Seller Success was created to make that reality simpler and more rewarding by providing you with a partner who has successfully navigated this complex path for many, many years.

Best Seller Success is the promotions division of Innovation Publishing – established and managed by Cydney O’Sullivan and a large team of publishing and promotions experts.

Our services, such as Ghost Writing (books, blogs, social media, training programs), Publishing (books, training programs, products) and Promotions (contests, social media, email campaigns, summits, media, publicity) are what you need to take your book and/or your business from where it is today to the heights of success that you wish to reach!

We have seen firsthand the incredible impact that a well-written and professionally promoted book has on almost any professional in a leadership role to expand their business and reach.

Doctors, health/fitness professionals, financial advisors, leadership consultants, coaches, business owners and CEOs can create highly profitable products and training program as well as services that can be promoted to a much wider market by writing and publishing a book.

Cydney and her team will support you throughout the complete topic selection, book writing, publishing and marketing process. The highly professional team at Best Seller Success will even assist you with the development of training programs beyond the book.

You can also have the opportunity to attend one of our regular training programs that demonstrate how Cydney and many others have turned a $20 book into a $250,000+ per year business!

Imagine what you could accomplish by establishing your expertise with a book. Opportunities such as highly paid speaking engagements or training programs in front of hundreds (and even thousands) of prospects will be possible.  Why? It is because you will be accepted much more readily as a trusted authority one you are a published author of a well-crafted book.  The exposure from your book, promotions, and products will help you attract an extensive following to provide you with the contacts and prospects that will boost your business immediately!

Our premium service and personalized attention is the pride of Best Seller Success.  Our goal – to make you the Best Selling Author you KNOW you can be!

Best Seller Success

Meet Cydney O’Sullivan

About Cydney O'Sullivan Best Seller Success

Learning from her successes and mistakes after 30 years as an Entrepreneur, Real Estate and Stock Market investor, Cydney O’Sullivan has developed a sympathetic insider position to assist others in taking the steps necessary toward their own success!

Cydney is a serial entrepreneur and CEO of Best Seller SuccessTM and Millionaires AcademyTM, and 7-time best-selling author with a team of experienced publishers who have over 40 years experience in the industry, publishing in excess of 400 books every year for their clients.

More than that, Cydney and her team will be your partner in navigating the complex twists and turns of the publishing and marketing universe.

Now that you have found us, you have the opportunity to connect and personally be guided by a caring business strategist who has author or co-authored 7 international best selling books including “Social Marketing Superstars – From Social Media Mystery to Mastery in 30 Days.” and “How To Be Wealthy Now! 108 Fast Cash Solutions From Every Day Talents” as well as having her business advice featured in national newspapers, magazines and acclaimed books including “Secrets of Inspiring Women Exposed” and “Women on Top Against The Odds”.

Cydney is also a popular and engaging speaker who frequently hosts events for authors and entrepreneurs to show them how a strategic book can boost their business opportunities. Cydney immigrated to Australia after a near fatal car accident in the US and starting with a run down café, became a business turn-around expert in industries from catering to giftware and clothing.  After weathering significant losses in the real estate crash of 2008, she turned her attentions back to business and helping others to better position their businesses for success utilizing the move to online promotions that left so many businesses behind in recent years.