More Promotions and More Book Sales

It’s never been easy to stand out in one of the most crowded marketplaces in the world.  With over 50,000 books published every year, what is your plan to separate yourself?

At Best Seller Success we have a unique integrated marketing approach that will assist with Publicity, Radio, Television, Social Media, Online Marketing, Video Marketing, and offer cohesive brand identity across all of your marketing so your book becomes a valuable business tool.

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More Sales

Do You Need More Book Sales & Promotion?

Are you feeling disappointed with your book sales results?

Hire our professional team to help you with a marketing or Best Seller campaign to:

  • Sell more books, create more customers,
  • Build your prospect list,
  • Run contests & build your Social Media Campaign
  • Run Amazon or Major Media Best Seller Campaigns
  • Help with your PR and Publicity

To write your book, you are obviously an expert in your field, but that does not make you expert at everything.

Need help with Public Relations?

You don’t have to figure out how to get media attention or how to set up a book tour; we have experts and years of experience to help with that.

One of the things that we have discovered, after helping so many authors, is that Creation of book “trailers” and a video marketing campaign can send sales through the roof.  Find out why video marketing is one of the most exciting opportunities today for grabbing an unfair share of the internet!  We have experts to can create videos for whatever budget you have. People will be impressed and you can create that excitement and buzz about your business or books.



With the advent of sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn, the social media revolution is happening NOW!

  • Do you find it confusing and time consuming knowing how to use these social media tools to increase your sales and get more exposure?
  • Would you like to know how to convert fans into clients and buyers?

You could literally spend all day on social media sites and not make one sale. Let our team show you how to maximize your time and efforts to get sales every day!

Let us Help You With Content Creation to Build More Buzz

  • Our Team can Help Write Expert Articles to Promote Your Book and Brand and Leverage Your Influence
  • Successful Blogging and How You Can Spend Less Time Creating More Content
  • Search Engine Optimization Friendly Backlinks to Promote Your Book all Over the World




One of the biggest challenges for busy authors is the book launch or launch campaigns.

Would you like to get booked into events and bookstores and see people lined up to hear you talk about your book?

Consider the virtual version in which you arrive at a webinar to launch your book and you see the chat room full of people chatting and asking you questions.

Let us show you how to use our connections and knowledge to fill that room and your chat room.

More Promotions

Our Professional Services Include:

  • Niche evaluation, Keyword & SEO Consult
  • Book proposals
  • Social Media Management and Promotion
  • Book Launch Campaigns
  • PR and Media Support
  • Book Trailers
  • Video Marketing
  • Media Positioning and Support