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Best Seller Success has partnered with many authors and entrepreneurs.

As such, our background and experience has led us to develop several unique packages to meet the marketing goals of each client. We focus on the areas where clients need the most assistance.

What’s the best option for your book and your goals?

Do you need a literary agent?

What about book proposals for traditional publishing contracts?

Is Self Publishing the fastest and most direct path to success for YOU?

Have you decided on Digital or Paperback?

What if you are thinking of a book series?

Then there are the questions of what size, cover design, ISBN’s, price, promotion and distribution channels to choose from.




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Without a professional team of experienced people to guide you down the right path from the very beginning, publishing a book on your own can be an overwhelming, and often futile, effort.

Perhaps you have already published your book but are disappointed with the results.  Is it due to making that attempt on your own?  Or is it because the service you engaged didn’t cover all the bases?

You are an expert in your field, but the universe of publishing may not be your specialty.  You may not even know the right questions to ask!  This is exactly why it is imperative to consider all of your options prior to publishing your book.  What options are those?  Here is a sampling of the topics to consider:

publishing my book

  •  Is Self Publishing the quickest path to success?
  • Will you publish Digitally or will Paperback be your best alternative?
  • If you’re considering a book series, what special considerations should you make?
  •  Have you developed a cover design?
  • What size should your book/print/pages be?
  • What are all of your future promotion and distribution channels?
  • Do you need a literary agent?
  • Are you aware of the multitude of contracts that might be required?


I believe you understand now how important it is to partner with an experienced team to learn from you what your goals are and for you to learn from us what the best options will be.

You don’t need to buy a mountain of books to figure out how to get media attention, how to create and appropriately distribute press releases, or how to develop the social networking skills you will need to be a success.  What you need to do is contact us to learn about social media marketing, launching a book and the many professional services we offer including (but certainly not limited to):

  • Niche Evaluation, Keyword & SEO services
  • Book Proposals
  • Content Structuring
  • Transcription
  • Ghost Writing and Co-authoring
  • Editing and formatting
  • Cover and Website Design and Copy Writing
  • Video Scripts and Video Marketing
  • Media Positioning, Hooks and Press Releases

However, since this is such a complex topic we would be doing a disservice to you if we tried to answer all of these questions here.  We invite you to contact us today for a FREE CONSULTATION so we can uncover the best path for you and your book to assure success down the road!