Camilla Thomson Best Seller Success“Cydney – I just HAVE to tell you how much value I am getting from the Millionaires Academy. Every speaker brings a whole different piece of the puzzle together. You have done such an outstanding job. It’s bloody brilliant.

Cydney, my heart is pounding in my chest with all the ideas and possibilities this training is opening up to me. I am SOOOO excited because I am in the middle of transforming my way of thinking, having massive realizations of how this new world of the market exists. It’s SOOO **** amazing (Sorry to swear)

Every person’s content is like an information bomb going off in my head. You have done such an incredible job, it’s fan****tastic. The internet is just the coolest, most amazing thing ever invented and what a delight it is to learn about this new toy.

I feel really privileged to have the opportunity to listen to all this. Really – thank you!

Very best wishes to you
Camilla Thomson


Chris Gray Best Seller Success

“If you know your business should be on the internet, let alone social media’s like Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+, and know that the longer you put if off the harder it will be to stand out and succeed in your industry… this… is exactly what you need! My friend Cydney has interviewed … extraordinary marketers and asked them the tough questions to help businesses in every industry make money with social marketing. This is a must have for every manager in business today.”

Chris Gray 
CEO of Your Empire
Host of “Your Money Your Call” on Sky News Business Channel and Real Estate Expert on Channel Ten’s “The Renovators”


Ardice Farrow Best Seller Success“In these fast moving times it is critical that entrepreneurs and business leaders constantly explore new ways to connect to their clients and their audience. This program gives you the step-by-step success strategies of top marketers who are committed to serving and expanding their clients and customers. If you want to reach larger and larger audiences and increase your bottom line follow this Step-By-Step Guide to Social Marketing and watch your business soar.”

Ardice Farrow


Emily Graham Best Seller Success“Cydney has provided a wealth of information… Somehow she has managed to get the best people in social media marketing to share their strategies and secrets that they use themselves. I don’t know where else you could get so much practical advice in one easy and convenient place. Cydney even goes above and beyond to provide action steps for incorporating those strategies into your own business. I highly recommend this… if you are someone wanting to grow your income from social media.”

Emily Graham
www.fbcashcreator.com, Global Nomad


Clinton Swaine Best Seller Success“The world has changed. Companies that have been around are disappearing. New companies are emerging in whole new markets. Social Media has not only changed the field it is defining the field for today and for the future. Cydney has brought together a star list of internet marketers to bring their wisdom, their expertise and direct advice on how to be wildly successful online. If you apply information from just one of these chapters you are ahead of the curve. You apply five or more get ready for dramatic result in your business and brace for yourself for an incredible future.”

Clinton Swaine
CEO and Founder of Frontier Trainings
The world leader in experiential business games


Leon Jay Best Seller Success“Whether creating a personal brand or a company brand, building social proof or generating targeted traffic social media is now more important than ever. Keeping up with this rapidly changing world is a challenge for anyone, hence the importance of this book. By combining the experience and knowledge of a range of experts this book condenses what works in a manageable, practical and priceless guide. If you want to not only survive but thrive in today’s social environment this is a must read.”

Leon Jay
CEO FusionHQ Inc.


Brett McFall Best Seller Success“I love this book… and for me to say that is rare – especially publicly like this (I only give endorsements if and when I find something that is exceptionally rare). Why do I love it? Simply this: I find that as I’m reading through these pages the ideas are springing to mind – so many in fact that it’s hard to concentrate on reading the next part! And for me, that’s the sign of a great book. A resource that rewards you every time you pick it up…”

Brett McFall
Gold Coast, Australia


William Simon Best Seller Success“The Web offers hundreds of booksellers selling thousands of titles on how to be a success in your own business, promising you can make millions. Social Wealth Secrets is in a class by itself-offering detailed, real-world advice from people who are not only uncommonly successful but willing to share the keys to how they did it, and how you can do it, too. There is nothing better than learning the “how-to’s” from men and women whose self-made millions are the best evidence of their business wisdom.”

William L. Simon
New York Times and international bestselling author


Helen Johnson Best Seller Success“Cydney O’Sullivan – thanks for all your help.  What an awesome experience! You took the book “One of Your Spooks is Here, Paranormal Stories for Your Entertainment”, an unedited manuscript from hot off the pen to publication by Amazon.com in four weeks.  Well done!”

Helen Johnson ND


Mark Robinson Best Seller Success“I love what Cydney does. She is a true professional in this field. I am excited to have her as part of my publishing and promotions team. I have and will continue to recommend her team to my clients. Thanks, Cydney, you are a champ.”

Mark Robinson
CEO, Authorised Rep No. 243170


Dr Stephanie Kabonga Best Seller Success“I strongly recommend working with Cydney and her creative team for it has truly transformed my life. Working with Cydney brought me closer to achieving my purpose via my book and program more than anything ever could in my life. What took me 3 years to get started on my own was done with total ease within a few short months with Cydney’s team. I am truly grateful to have the guidance and done for you approach from her team which allows me to focus on giving my best to the world.

If you have a message to give the world then I strongly recommend her team of professionals to help you manifest your dream. I am eternally grateful for working with them, they have transformed my life and helped me transform the lives of many others.”

I hope you like that as it comes straight from my heart. My life is different today thanks to you and your team.

Much blessings!

Dr Stephanie Kabonga


sharon“I have known Cydney for over 16 years and count her as one of my closest friends and colleagues. Her energy and new ideas never fail to brighten my day.

Cydney is one of the most dynamic professionals I have met in my many years as a marketing and business professional. Her business is designed to help women become more successful and independent. She does accept men also into her program. I wholly recommend her as a person you would want to do business with. Her book, Social Marketing Superstars is a must read if you want to learn how to get the best of the Social Networking.”

Sharon Williams
Founder and CEO of Taurus Marketing
An integrated PR and Marketing agency


bernie“Working with Cydney has been a joy. Her encouragement, enthusiasm and expertise in business consulting, has seen my business take a quantum leap!”

Bernie Griffiths
Director ASWPP, Photographer,
Author, Business Strategist Speaker


Victoria-Ugarte“The writing is the easy part of every book; It’s the marketing that can be a proverbial minefield! I am grateful to Cydney for taking me by the hand and making the marketing of my book a walk in the park. Giving me the confidence that I needed, she has helped me to work with my strengths and opened up a world of possibilities for me. Thank you, Cydney! I’d recommend you to any budding author.”

Victoria Ugarte
Travel Writer, Corporate Culture Specialist & Best Selling Author


Danielle-Venter“Cydney’s sincere desire to help me achieve the goals I have set has created amazing momentum in my life. Her enthusiasm, intelligence and empathy create a platform for me to keep moving forward with my business thus I would not hesitate to recommend her and her team.

Cydney, genuinely cares about my success and no matter where she is in the world I know I can email her and she responds! I never feel alone when working with her. It is as if she is my “virtual business partner”.

If you are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with Cydney and her team, do not hesitate.”

Danielle Venter
Author & Founder of Connectivity Selling